Effective, efficient SAT Preparation is the right of every student. With our highly advanced diagnostic assessment, we determine a student's exact ability levels and create a truly personalized curriculum.  This approach creates a customized learning program at the fraction of the cost of a traditional SAT preparation option.

The key to this approach is the SAT Genome Project. We have mapped over a thousand questions from real SATs and broken each down to its main components. From this analysis we determined all the skills a student must possess to excel on the SAT. We map a student's abilities and performance on a diagnostic test using this analysis and teach to the individual skill set.

We find a student's specific weaknesses and through targeted instruction and practice turn them into strengths. 
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"Hard to know where to begin.  Patrick worked with my daughter on her SATS and she jumped by almost 300 points from her PSAT baseline.    He personalizes his approach for each student, gets to know their strengths and weaknesses cold, and is able to concentrate study time on areas where improvement is attainable. 

Goes above and beyond (even sits for the SATs himself to keep up with changes to the exam) and provides support until the desired outcome is achieved.  My daughter loved working with him and got in to the reach college of her choice.  If you are skeptical about professional test prep or have not gotten the desired results in other places, I strongly endorse giving Patrick and his approach your consideration.   There are no miracles in test taking but he has the ability to help each student reach their potential in my view."

                                         Howard A. - Princeton, NJ